13 December, 2016

Weigh-In and Chat

These last few weeks of school have been kicking my but! Today was my last final (!), although I do have a paper to finish writing and submit online. Isaiah has had his Christmas program and church stuff. And, a surprise to us, Shop With A Cop. Even though I intended to keep posting through these last 3 weeks, it just didn't happen.

I haven't gotten any feedback on here (comments), so I'm going to assume my audience is just me. Since I use MyFitnessPal to track my food, I'm going to stop posting the "What I've Been Eating" posts and stick with my weekly weigh-ins and a few other things.

Aside from school and Isaiah's school stuff, I've also been doing more Christmassy crafting (think wreaths, ornaments, and presents.) I'll be posting some of those coming up since I'll be officially done with this semester and off until mid-January.

Now, onto the weigh-in. There has been some fluctuation--thanks to stress and family stuff--but I've continued to drop. Here are my weigh-ins the past two weeks:

This was December 9th
This was December 2nd