08 November, 2016

What I've Been Eating (with pictures) 11/2-11/8

Wednesday 11/2
Breakfast: McDonald's Sausage McMuffin, hashbrown, large iced vanilla coffee

Lunch: Teriyaki salmon, romaine salad with cheese and ranch

Dinner: Acorn squash half, with butter/salt (made them for my mom and myself, am I the favorite daughter yet?) and 6" Subway chicken bacon ranch, with spinach.

Snack: Breakstone's cottage cheese (2%) and 8oz lemonade

Total calories 1,987

Thursday 11/3

Breakfast: Coffee (8 o'clock chocolate mint, ID creamer, almond milk), Starbucks chocolate smoothie
How I had to make coffee last week after my coffee maker broke. :-( Luckily, this weekend I got a new (to me) Bunn

Lunch: my remaining acorn squash and Subway from the night before

Dinner: Teriyaki salmon and yellow squash sauteed in butter

Snack: Carrot chips & roasted red pepper hummus (sabra) 2 tbsp

Total Calories: 1,406

Friday 11/4

Breakfast: Coffee, and whole wheat toast (100% whole wheat from Nature's own (made with honey) 2 slices, 1.5 tbsp peanut butter

Lunch: None, took a nap instead

Dinner: Giant eagle fried chicken, 1 piece, 2/3 cup Betty Crocker cheddar & bacon potatoes

Snack: 14 mike n ikes (yes I counted, ha!) and more coffee

Total calories: 1,004

Saturday 11/5

Breakfast: Coffee, Chobani flips coffee break bliss

Lunch: Pizza Oven pizza - sausage, 2 slices. (Isaiah had a celebration for the end of flag football)
and when we got home, carrot chips and hummus

Dinner: Tyson's BBQ chicken tenders 6.15 oz

Snacks: Coffee, fudge round, and Vienna sausages

Total calories: 1,826

Sunday 11/6

Breakfast: Coffee, with regular milk (1 oz) and the clean eating waffles with peanut butter (link in the previous week of food post)

Lunch: baked chicken leg, 1/2 cup mashed potatoes, 7 oz green beans, 1/2 cup sweet corn (with butter)

Dinner: buffalo chicken sandwich: Walnut creek buffalo chicken lunch meat, whole wheat bread (above), 2 slices of Kraft American cheese, 1 tbsp Ken's ranch; Also, 1.5 cups of broccoli florets with 1 tbsp ken's ranch

Snacks: Coffee with almond milk, and Crystal farms string cheese (1)

Total calories: 1,435

Monday 11/7

Breakfast: Coffee!

Lunch: Nothing until 3, so I listed it under snack

Dinner: 1 serving of beef vegetable stew (my mom's) and 1/2 serving of my dad's chili, each with 5 townhouse original crackers

Snack: Sabra Roasted red pepper hummus, 4 tbsp, 85 g sweet peppers sliced, 1/2 cup Breakstone 2% cottage cheese

Tuesday (today) 11/8

Breakfast: Coffee. I think I need to start eating with breakfast again. I started getting hungry earlier (like 10:30 vs 12)

Lunch: Leftover beef vegetable stew, 2 oz Blue Diamond dark chocolate almonds, and 1 cup of Swiss Lemonade

Dinner: Swenson's Double cheeseburger, 1 order of potato teezers, and a California (sprite mixed with grape drink)

Snack: I went to a crafting night at my parents' church to make wreaths (mine is nowhere close to done, good thing it's a Christmas wreath) and one of the ladies made gluten free brownies (Krusteaz brand) with vanilla buttercream frosting (from the Giant Eagle bakery)
No picture of the snack, so here's a picture of my partially finished wreath instead

Total Calories: 1,775

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