25 October, 2016

What I've Been Eating (with pictures) 10/19-10/25

Reminder: all foods are 1 serving, unless otherwise listed
Also, I sucked at taking pictures this week. Oh well. There's always next week.
Wednesday 10/19
Breakfast: Chobani Flips coffee break bliss

Lunch: decided to forego the lettuce. Buffalo chicken lunch meat, string cheese (Crystal Farms, mozzarella), 1/2 cup Breakstone's 4% milk-fat cottage cheese, 1 tbsp Ken's Ranch

Dinner: KFC. Isaiah had been begging for weeks, so I caved. Overall not too bad. I got their $5 box meal: Extra crispy tenders, biscuit, 1/2 of my potato wedges, and an unsweetened iced tea.

Snacks: Small frozen coke, 1 package beef jerky

Isaiah and I went to visit my dad at his church after school, so Isaiah could ride his bike and I could help him practice for football (Bad mommy alert: I managed to bean him in the face, right between his hands, and gave him a bloody nose. Ooops)

Total Calories: 1,532

Thursday 10/20

Breakfast: the rest of my $5 meal from KFC (potato wedges and chocolate chip cookie) and 2 of Isaiah's leftover chicken tenders

Lunch: 1 cup Gardetto's roasted garlic rye chips

Dinner: 6" Subway: turkey, provalone, spinach, ranch, on Italian herbs & cheese bread

No snacks

Total Calories: 2,007

Friday 10/21

Breakfast: the cookies I got from Subway Thursday, and 1 oz of Snyder's BBQ chips (not a great breakfast..)

No lunch, I forgot to pack a lunch and no time to run home between classes, however I did have an apple (medium golden delicious) around 2pm while waiting to pick Isaiah up from school.

Dinner: I didn't plan, which is sucky, so it was a grab anything that you see kind of night. 5 pepperoni pizza rolls, Pringles

Snacks: 3 Chips Ahoy cookies, and a Fudge Round cookie

Total Calories: 1,603

Saturday 10/22
No pictures of food, but I did include one of Isaiah at trunk or treat.

Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, with salt and pepper

Lunch: We had my church's trunk or treat/harvest party. One of the couples in the church own an ice cream shop and brought in ice cream. 1 cup of chocolate ice cream (TMI: this was when I realized I was PMSing... )

Dinner: 1 cup chocolate ice cream (I brought home leftovers... they made everyone take at least 2 cups)

Snacks: 1 string cheese, pringles (ugh, get out of my house!)

Total calories: 987, although it feels like it should be more with that much junk.

Sunday 10/23

 Woke up late, so no time for breakfast before church.

Lunch at my parents' house: 1 chicken leg, baked; 1/2 cup mashed potatoes; Salad: romaine salad, baby carrots (3 oz), 1 tbsp Kraft Ranch; 1 cup of apple cider

Dinner: Pumpkin pie ice cream (from Saturday), Angel hair pasta, Ragu Parmesan and Romano sauce, shredded cheddar cheese, grilled chicken tenderloins, and 3 oz carrot chips;

Snacks:  Pringles, 3 chips ahoy cookies, 1 string cheese, and 1 snack size hershey bar (from Isaiah's trunk or treat loot)

Total Calories: 1,674

Monday 10/24
No pictures today. My bad. ☹

 Breakfast: woke up late again. McDonalds to the rescue (face palm) Sausage biscuit, hashbrown, strawberry banana smoothie (small)

Lunch: Same pasta as the previous night, with chicken tenderloins.

Dinner: Stuffed Pepper (93% lean ground turkey, salsa) homemade scalloped potatoes: white potatoes, pepper, garlic salt, milk, and campbell's healthy request cream of chicken soup

No snacks. Again, practiced football with Isaiah after dinner.

Total calories: 1,550

Tuesday (today) 10/25 

Breakfast: I wasn't in the mood for anything, but I made myself eat a spoon (2 tbsp) of peanut butter

Lunch: Apple slices (golden delicious apple, sliced with my mandolin to make apple sandwiches) with peanut butter, whole wheat tortilla, a little more than half an oz of the Ragu spaghetti sauce, and some shredded cheddar cheese

Dinner: 6 pizza rolls, 2 chicken nuggets (tyson) and 1/2 cup cottage cheese

Snack: 3 original chips ahoy cookies

Total calories: 1,285

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