06 March, 2013

My day in a nutshell

Isaiah was wonderful all morning.

Then we went to Robeks to meet K for him to be all lawyerly and sign a paper for me.
When we got halfway there, I realized I had forgotten said paper. So we went back home, got the paper, and then came back to Robeks, late.

Then there was an irate woman in front of us causing a fuss about some giftcards, she took 20 minutes, which got us free smoothies, but made K even later to meet his wife. (Oops, sorry!!)

Then I got the paperwork notarized, went to the courthouse and found out (after being sent in all different directions) that I needed Isaiah's birth certificate.

So off we went to my parents' house, got the birth certificate, and back to the courthouse we went. I said goodbye to $117 of my money (and another $35 soon to follow), and hello to a court date in May to change Isaiah's last name to mine. Then went back to mom and dad's house, dad took Isaiah and I went to class, then church, where Isaiah was a nut so we had to leave early.

And now, I'm supposed to be studying for an exam that I need to take in 8 hours. At least it's over stuff I learned in two other classes I took last year.

So, now I will leave you with this wonderful robot I made from "chocolate" (honey and cocoa powder, but don't tell Isaiah that) on Isaiah's PB&J sandwich.

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