16 March, 2013

Just a few Isaiah-isms

Isaiah is definitely starting to show his inner workings lately. He remembers so much stuff that people say or do, which really surprises me when he brings it up, because I barely remember it myself. Also, he comes up with some stuff that I know I've never said and it's also hilarious to hear him say them. So here are some things he's said lately that I remember/thought to write down:

"Isaiah: Shhh, Mommy. You'll wake the trees up."

He asked a few weeks ago why the trees didn't have leaves on them. I said they hibernate/sleep through winter, so they don't have leaves until Spring. So now that we're learning about Spring, we talked about how the trees will wake up and get leaves when they're ready.

"B*, you're a riding turtle"

Said to my little sister, as he put a pillow "saddle" on her while she was laying on the floor.

"Papa you need a little kid come with you. A special little kid. That little kid is me."

Said to my dad as he was packing to leave for a funeral in North Carolina.

"N*, what are you doing? I'm trying to be a cow, but I can't!"

Said while pretending to talk to my brother in law on a play phone. N* works on a dairy farm.

"NO!! We're never going to get there! It's too far!"

Said (in a distraught voice) to my mom while she was driving him to church for Awana. 

"I'm going to call my Mama 'cause you are NOT listening."

I guess you can infer why he was saying this. He was not getting his way. Haha.
"Let's sing the 'Jesus Uh-Ah' song."

Aka, Jesus Messiah. Isaiah's favorite song for us to sing/Papa to play. He has since learned to say the full name. Just another part of growing up. Sigh. 

"You're my hero, red tractor."

Isaiah was playing with his tractors and I overheard "them" talking. John Deere tractor to Case IH tractor. Haha. 

*I don't put anyone's name on here unless they tell me I can. Just the first letter. Deal with it.

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