26 February, 2013

My Storyteller

Lately, Isaiah has begun inventing lots and lots of stories. He takes everything in our ordinary life and weaves it into an exciting tale.

Take Sunday afternoon: He was eating chips (Snyder's of Berlin Bar-B-Q chips are his favorite right now) and he decided that wasn't exciting enough. Thus began the tale of the bunny rabbit's quest for delicious potato chips.

But the real story, and the one I'm going to type out for you, is his bedtime story. The other night, after reading a short book to him, Isaiah decided that wasn't enough. He wanted to tell me a bedtime story, too. I'm going to write it exactly how it was said, or at least approximately. So here it is:

Once upon a time...
There was a monster named Bob. He had one eye. And he was blue and furry with long arms!
(Me: What kind of monster was Bob?)
He was a Tickle Monster!!
But he was a nice tickle monster.
He liked to tickle people and make them laugh. It made him feel much better when they laugh.
(Me: What happened next?)
He left his house to find someone to tickle. He saw a boy in a blue shirt.
He said, "Hmm... I'm going to tickle that boy."
(Me: Did he tickle him?)
No! He went to the little boy, but the little boy said, "Oh No! Please don't tickle me, I don't like it."
(Me: Oh, so what did he do?)
He saw another little boy in a red shirt. He asked the boy if he could tickle him. and he said, "Okay"
So he tickled him, and the little boy laughed. And Bob felt better.
(Me: So then what happened?)
He went home, because he was all better.
And he went to bed. Because he was tired.

The End.

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