09 December, 2012

Snowman Ornaments: Pinterest Sunday

It's another crafty-Pinteresty day. Today's craft is a hand print snowman ornament from Full of Great Ideas.

First: gather your ornament(s), paint, and paint brush. You can use any color ornament, but I chose clear, thinking that I can also possibly put white glitter or something in them. I also protected my table with a plastic film (the stuff we used for painting the attic a while back.)

Second: Get your child(ren) ready. The goggles were his idea.

Third: Either paint your child's hand, or do what I did and spread some paint on the plastic and have them smush their hand in it.

Fourth: Have them grab the ornaments one by one. I placed one in Isaiah's hand and had him grab it. It helped to take out the hangars and stand the ornaments up on the flat ends to dry. I also got a wet paper towel to wipe off any mistakes before they dried.

A picture of the painted hand... I made him hold it up so we could go wash it.

After they dried, we added decorations.

Isaiah wasn't satisfied with just eyes, noses, and buttons, so we added hats, arms, and scarves.

Next week we'll have another snowman ornament craft.. but with a twist.

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