18 December, 2012

Santa Isn't Real!

A long time ago, I decided that I wouldn't teach Isaiah about Santa. I didn't like the idea of lying to him about something so stupid when he would eventually find out anyway. I made sure his daycare teachers knew I wasn't doing it, and didn't want them to either. We don't do pictures with Santa at the mall, we read the story of Christmas, and the only thing "Santa" we have in our house is the hat, which he loves to wear around but didn't associate with anything other than winter... until now.  

Someone told my son the lie that is Santa. At first, (the end of last month) I was able to talk to him about it, and let him know that Santa isn't real. That some people like to make pretend that he's real and he brings presents, but he's imaginary, just like the characters on TV and in his books (and monsters, he made sure to remind me of that). I explained a few more things, like only birds fly--not reindeer and sleighs--and we read the story of the first Christmas with the book I got last year. (This is the book we have: The First Christmas) After that, I didn't hear anything more about Santa from him.

Then, today, he said some things that made me realize that someone is obviously still lying to him about Santa. Here is our conversation:

Isaiah- "I love Santa and he loves me."
Me- "You mean you love Jesus and He loves you?"
Isaiah- "No, I love Santa."
Me- "But Santa isn't real, remember? Just like Spongebob and monsters."
Isaiah- "No! He is real, and that's the truth." (now that sounds rehearsed, because I never say things like that, and he repeated that exact phrase several times when I sat down with him to re-explain Santa)

I just don't know where he is getting this stuff, because the only places he has been without me are church, daycare one day last week, and my parents house the other night while I took B to pick out fabric.

I'm frustrated that someone I know would go against my wishes on something as silly as this. Mostly because I know that if they'll do it with something so small, they'll probably do the it with bigger issues. So... whoever decided to convince my kid that Santa is real and all that junk, you SUCK. When I find out who you are, you will be off my list of friends and won't be allowed around my son.

Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with this kind of stuff?

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