14 December, 2012

My 5 Christmas Break Projects

I took my last final exam today, so now I am truly on Christmas Break!

I have a list a mile long of things I want to do over Christmas break, but the thing I did first was rearrange my living room. I started with this:

And (after 7 different arrangements and a few hours at it) I ended up with this:

There's still a lot of odds and ends that need to find a home (sitting in the dining room doorway)

There is tons more room right in the middle of the space, which is much better. Also, Isaiah's toys now have the TV stand in the corner (now termed "his corner") with a big end table as his table and his Thomas the Train chair, and the TV got moved on the coffee table. I started on Tuesday night just before midnight after I got the urge to just move everything while Isaiah wasn't around to be in the way. I decided to carry my loveseat upstairs to the playroom/office by my self...I realized half-way that I should have waited for help. I gave up--unsatisfied--around 3am and went to bed, only to have my dad/the roofers wake me up at 7:14. I finally got everything to where I like it during nap time.

I have a feeling some of it will be moved around again once the Christmas tree is down.

This is where the loveseat ended up:

Yes, those walls really are that pink. I want to paint, but I don't know what color yet. Any suggestions are welcome.

Something I recently decided needs to be on my "to do" list is sewing, specifically:

1.) A cute camera strap for my little sister (and possibly for me). I found this awesome tutorial tonight from Becca at Home is Where My Story Begins, and while I might not follow it to a T, I will use it as a general guideline.

2.) A small playhouse for Isaiah. Something like one of these.

Hallway tent via ikat bag
Felt Playhouse, via This Big Oak Tree

The hallway tent is much easier, so that one might be the one, however the card table playhouse looks like something Isaiah would enjoy, too. Maybe I'll do that one for his birthday? Ikat bag also has an awesome pvc pipe(?) tent/playhouse that looks awesome. If you're interested, here are Phase 2 and Phase 3  of the felt playhouse from This Big Oak Tree.

3.) Some of these Fabric Scrap Keychains via Craftiness is Not Optional:

4.) These grilled cheese rolls from Dainty Chef:

 5.) Make my own pajama pants. I'm a big fan of making my own (and Isaiah's) clothes, because then I know I can take it apart or take it in if it doesn't fit right. This might happen after Christmas, though, so I can use any Christmas money I get for fabric. I like the tutorial I found at My Cotton Creations 

Oh, and by the way, you can find most of these over on my Pinterest boards.

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