27 December, 2012

Kid's Sock Snowman: Pinterest Sunday.. er Thursday.

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Sorry I'm late on this one. I thought I had it scheduled to go out on Sunday. Alas, I was wrong. Oh well.

This week's inspiration for a craft is from Just a Little Creativity. We did it the same day as we did the hand print snowmen ornaments, and Isaiah had fun stuffing the sock full of polyfil.

I did a few things different than the original poster: I didn't use a hot glue gun, googley eyes, or pom poms. Instead, we used paint. You'll see how I attached the top ribbon below.

1.) Fill a small sock with stuffing.

2.) Put rubber bands on the sock. We did two balls of stuffing (so two rubber bands).

3.) Add a scarf (ribbon of your choice) and either use your choice of craft supplies to make the face and buttons.
I used fabric puffy paint because I had it on hand I like how the nose stuck out some.

4.) If you don't want to use a hook to hang it on the tree, add a ribbon around/on top of the top rubber band. Then cut a hole in the sock and stick the rest of the ribbon through and tie it into a loop to hang on the tree.

Tada! You're done!

Disclaimer: This is only semi-kid-friendly. Isaiah stuffed the sock, helped with the picking out of the ribbon, and started the black painting, but then I had to touch it up with white afterward.

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