04 November, 2012

Indoor Fishing▬Pinterest Sunday

Another Sunday is here, which means another Pinterest project. This one is from Blissfully Domestic. I was originally thinking about just making it for Isaiah, but I think I may make a couple more sets (using a dowel rod or something) for Christmas presents.

1.) Make a pattern and cut it out.

Isaiah didn't believe it was a fish until I drew on fins, eyes, and a mouth.

The cut out fish.
 2.) Use your pattern to cut out your fabric fish, it's easier to do two layers at a time to make sure they match up.  I made two different patterned fish to try.

3.) Sew the pieces together. Wrong sides together if you're doing an unfinished edge and using fray check, or right sides together if you're going to turn and top stitch. Leave about 2 inches undone to stuff (or to turn it inside out and then stuff).

Isaiah picked out the fabric.
 4.) Stuff the fish. 
All sewn and fluff filled
5.) Add the magnets, and hot glue them in, then stitch the opening closed. The tutorial said to use 1 inch round magnets, but the ones I got didn't have much power, so I used these ball magnets that I got at Walmart. They're perfect.

6.) Use Fray Check on the edges of the fish.

7.) Attach another magnet to  either twine or fishing line. I hot glued a small piece of twine to the magnet then tied it onto Isaiah's Spider-Man fishing pole.

8.) Fish!

9.) (Optional) Try to "catch" mom's camera.

Edit: In case you noticed, we used Isaiah's trampoline for our "pond." This made it fun for not only just fishing at random, but also, by putting one fish on each color, an opportunity for learning. Isaiah already knows all of his colors, but I plan on doing it with letters, words, and other things. There are almost endless possibilities!

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