19 October, 2012

Two Whole Hours

Isaiah's preschool had a field trip to a pumpkin patch/farm today. Normally I pick him up after class at 2:00, but they won't be back until around 4:00.

I'm sure he'll have a blast running around, petting animals that he probably hasn't seen before, riding a train, and picking a pumpkin. He already decided, this morning, that he only wanted a small pumpkin. Presumably because he already has a big one here.  

With him gone to the farm, that means I have two hours kid-free. Two whole hours. Alone. Nobody asking for a drink, a snack, or help fixing a toy that I've already fixed 7 times today. (Yeah, my fault for buying a Ninja Turtles van with doors that come off the hinges.)

I've been home for 10 minutes and I am already lost. I love the peace and quiet. I do. But I miss our afternoon snuggle-with-a-possibility-of-a-nap. And being here alone means I have no excuse not to do something productive. 

So with my two whole hours, I will not sit on my butt watching TV or reading a book (or writing a long blog post). Instead, I will make my house presentable to the public. I mean, I guess I should clean if I want people to come over tomorrow right? And by people, I mean my friend T, a 3 year old girl, and an almost 1 year old boy. It shall be fun. I swear.

By the way, does anyone have any craft ideas to make with the kids tomorrow?  

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