27 October, 2012

My Fault-Failed Lunch Date

Today, Isaiah and I went to lunch with my mom and some people from her work because my English class was cancelled.

We went to this great place called Primo's Deli. P.S: If you're in the Akron/Rolling Acres area, check this place out. And, check out their bathroom while you're at it, at least the women's room. (Lots of eye candy, and I'll leave it at that)

I had mom order Isaiah a peanut butter and honey sandwich and chocolate milk. LOVE that this is something they offer there, and it's not a bad price really ($2.69) and it includes free chips for the table.

Back to the story; I'm not telling you about this place for nothing.

Isaiah and I got there a few minutes early, so I found the table mom had reserved (complete with pre-ordering the food) and took Isaiah to the bathroom. I figured I was being proactive, removing all reasons for getting up from the table or tantrums.

I was wrong.

10 minutes after we sit down to start eating, he just couldn't sit still. Didn't want to eat, unless it was chips with peanut butter smeared on them, didn't want to sit on his chair or on my lap. Oh, and he HAD to hug this inflatable beer can that was in the dining area.

He wasn't really bad, just an antsy 3 year old whose bones dissolved the minute I tried to pick him up. Finally, I finished my sandwich and wrapped up the rest of his and we left.

When we got home I figured out why he was throwing fits. Even though we had lunch at 11:45am, Isaiah was ready for a nap then. So when we got home, he was out. For. Three. Hours.

I feel like a bad mommy. I saw the signs, but didn't put it together because it was so early. Now I'll know for next time.

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