21 October, 2012

Hot Glue Ghosts--Pinterest Sunday

This week's Pinterest Sunday was found on Pinterest via Greenbean's Crafterole. You can see the rest of my Pinterest boards here.

This looked pretty easy, until I remembered my skills with a hot glue gun are limited, and while I can outline, filling in the outline of the ghosts proved a bit challenging. But, hey. I already had my glue gun and glue sticks out, so why stop now?

For the first ghost, I used one of her outlines (I drew it on notebook paper while looking at the screen) and the other was free-handed. All you do is put the outline under glass and put the hot glue on the glass. When you're done, the glue just peels right off.

My pink hot glue gun. The tip is on glass, if you can't see it.

My drawn ghost.

Didn't think to get a picture of the outlining process of this one

Outlining the second (free-handed) ghost.

The filled in ghost

Both ghosts with their eyes and mouths painted on (I used my puffy paint since it was right there)

On the window. Yes, I do have bars on my windows. Long story.

They turned out kind of cute. However, I think if I practice more stuff like this, I'll get much better results next time.

We made hand print spider t-shirts after Isaiah's nap yesterday, too. But those will be part of next week's post.

Do you have any Halloween crafts you'd like to share?

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