30 October, 2012

Mamatography: Days 295-301

Mamatography 2012
Mamatography: A 365 Day Photography Project. At least one picture per day of what you did that day.

Edit 10/31: For some reason, Blogger didn't save my text when I posted the first time. Hopefully second time's the charm.

Sunday, we went to church then had dinner at home with a LONG nap. That has been Isaiah's new thing. He doesn't take naps. But once or twice a week, he'll take a 3 hour nap.

Mama got Isaiah a new costume

 Monday was a long day. I think this picture shows exactly how I felt at the end of the day.

Tuesday, I had my very first serving of Refrigerator Oatmeal. I used to eat hot oatmeal every morning, but that got boring. When I saw the how easy it was to make these, I jumped on it. Now to make these other flavors.

Wednesday, it was nice to not have my early morning lab. I celebrated by making waffle sticks in my new waffle stick maker. :-)

Thursday Isaiah and I had a lunch date with my friend H. We had some Subway (love using the flatbread for my sub) and some girly talk. Time with her (and others) is definitely what has been missing in my life.

 Isaiah was excited for Subway too.

Thursday I got new shoes! My old ones were *cough* 10 years old. Love them and the support they give already.

After my failed lunch with my mom, and after everything was put back in its place, I enjoyed  ten minutes of browsing losing an hour to Pinterest.

Saturday we went to Trunk-or-Treating at my church, which ended up being indoors thanks to the rain. We were also going to hand out candy for the neighborhood trick-or-treat, but instead went to the Walmart trick-or-treat and then to my mom's house.

Isaiah loves playing with Bridget (my parents chow mix) and his fire station/horse barn. It's actually B's horse barn, with removable stalls and roof. But it works as a fire station too, don't you think?

28 October, 2012

Handprint Spider Shirts: Pinterest Sunday

I didn't find today's on Pinterest originally, I pinned it from one of my favorite blogs: Baby Rabies. Okay, I lied, Baby Rabies is my favorite blog to follow. Jill first posted this in 2010, and I wanted to make it back then but since I was just going through the breakup with Isaiah's dad, and my wiggly little boy would NOT have cooperated with me.

So here they are:

1.) Start with a clean shirt, place cardboard inside the shirt to prevent the paint bleeding through.

2.) Using puffy fabric paint, paint on the web and (if you want to) add some words. Let that dry.

3.) Not Pictured: Paint black fabric paint on your kid's hand, press it down on the dried web, then do the same with the other hand, overlapping the palms. Paint on eyes, or do what we did: glue on on googly eyes.
The finished product

4.) Lastly: take a crappy picture using your buffet as a tripod and lament again that you need to buy one.

Also, possibly clean up the room behind you.

That's it! It's so easy--at least now that Isaiah is older.

Is there anything you'd like to see on here? Let me know!

27 October, 2012

My Fault-Failed Lunch Date

Today, Isaiah and I went to lunch with my mom and some people from her work because my English class was cancelled.

We went to this great place called Primo's Deli. P.S: If you're in the Akron/Rolling Acres area, check this place out. And, check out their bathroom while you're at it, at least the women's room. (Lots of eye candy, and I'll leave it at that)

I had mom order Isaiah a peanut butter and honey sandwich and chocolate milk. LOVE that this is something they offer there, and it's not a bad price really ($2.69) and it includes free chips for the table.

Back to the story; I'm not telling you about this place for nothing.

Isaiah and I got there a few minutes early, so I found the table mom had reserved (complete with pre-ordering the food) and took Isaiah to the bathroom. I figured I was being proactive, removing all reasons for getting up from the table or tantrums.

I was wrong.

10 minutes after we sit down to start eating, he just couldn't sit still. Didn't want to eat, unless it was chips with peanut butter smeared on them, didn't want to sit on his chair or on my lap. Oh, and he HAD to hug this inflatable beer can that was in the dining area.

He wasn't really bad, just an antsy 3 year old whose bones dissolved the minute I tried to pick him up. Finally, I finished my sandwich and wrapped up the rest of his and we left.

When we got home I figured out why he was throwing fits. Even though we had lunch at 11:45am, Isaiah was ready for a nap then. So when we got home, he was out. For. Three. Hours.

I feel like a bad mommy. I saw the signs, but didn't put it together because it was so early. Now I'll know for next time.

24 October, 2012

It's normal, right?

After every workout that really uses my legs, once I sit down to relax afterward, my muscles are all jumpy. I used to think it was just in my head, until I actually watched the muscles in my thigh moving. Without consciously flexing.

That's normal, right?

On the upside, I'm participating in the Mamavation 2 Week Challenge, featuring workouts from my favorite trainer: Bob Harper. Because I was one of the first 100 people to sign up, I get to access Bob's site early and for free! From what I've seen so far, Netflix might be getting cut off so I can have Bob as my trainer. It's only $9.95 a month, and you can get the first week free if you sign up now.

Also: You can still join the 2 Week Challenge, just click on the link for instructions. It starts Monday, so get on it!

PS: You should follow Bob on twitter: @MyTrainerBob
And Mark @MrBookieboo
And Leah @Bookieboo

Wordless Wednesday: Learning My Way Around Photoshop

22 October, 2012

Review: Halloween Printables from Python Printable Games

Isaiah and I were supposed to have a playdate with some friends last weekend (we'll call them A and L). I thought it would be cool to have a few games to play, crafts to make, etc. Enter Python Printable Games and their Printable Halloween games.

Well, L got sick and so the playdate was cancelled. Fear not! Isaiah can still have a blast playing and going crafts, right? So here are the goods:

Python Printable Games sent me a pack of 40 printable Halloween games to review. Mind you, some of the games are good for kids, some for teens, some for just adults, and some are for all ages, so we won't be reviewing all of the games now because we only had small kids. Maybe I'll have a Halloween theme night with more adults and teens (hint, hint: B, plan a party.)

The kid's part had stuff to color, matching games, Pin the head on the Monster, an awesome scavenger hunt that Isaiah had a TON of fun with, even though it was just Mommy and him doing it, and a lot more.

The only problem I had was with the matching game. I loved most of the pictures on the cards, but this one I had to take out because I feel that it's a little too sexy for my 3 year old. If this wasn't on there, I would have no problem with the game, it was just a bit too much with the short skirt, boobs flung out (and ribs showing?) and the thigh-highs with garters.

Here are a couple of pictures of what we used:

Matching game

Pin the head on the Monster

Pin the head on the Monster, with the heads.

The scavenger hunt did take us about a half hour to do, which was great. You hide hints around the house in designated spots and they lead to a treat hidden at the end.

All in all, sexy witch aside, the package is great. It's definitely something I can see myself buying in the future for another themed event.

You can buy this package for yourself (which includes a total of 40 games for adults, kids, and in-between) for $19.95 Here at their website.

However: Python Printables is running a fall "Special Mystery" coupon code. Enter code "MYSTY" for a percentage off your order. The percentage changes every day.

You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter.



I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

21 October, 2012

Hot Glue Ghosts--Pinterest Sunday

This week's Pinterest Sunday was found on Pinterest via Greenbean's Crafterole. You can see the rest of my Pinterest boards here.

This looked pretty easy, until I remembered my skills with a hot glue gun are limited, and while I can outline, filling in the outline of the ghosts proved a bit challenging. But, hey. I already had my glue gun and glue sticks out, so why stop now?

For the first ghost, I used one of her outlines (I drew it on notebook paper while looking at the screen) and the other was free-handed. All you do is put the outline under glass and put the hot glue on the glass. When you're done, the glue just peels right off.

My pink hot glue gun. The tip is on glass, if you can't see it.

My drawn ghost.

Didn't think to get a picture of the outlining process of this one

Outlining the second (free-handed) ghost.

The filled in ghost

Both ghosts with their eyes and mouths painted on (I used my puffy paint since it was right there)

On the window. Yes, I do have bars on my windows. Long story.

They turned out kind of cute. However, I think if I practice more stuff like this, I'll get much better results next time.

We made hand print spider t-shirts after Isaiah's nap yesterday, too. But those will be part of next week's post.

Do you have any Halloween crafts you'd like to share?

20 October, 2012

Mamatography: Week 42

Mamatography 2012
Mamatography: A 365 Day Photography Project. At least one picture per day of what you did that day.
Sunday, we went to church and then spent the rest of the day at my parents' house. It was Mamaw's birthday, so we wanted to be together. My aunt and uncle came over for dinner too and we had some good food and great conversation.

Isaiah took a nap with Mama and Papa in the BIG bed.. and made sure to take up most of the bed.

 Monday I had school, a weird hair day, and weird conversations. I even got everyone in my English class to vote for my little sister (B) for a Rider Of The Month contest, and she won!

Tuesday, signed up for the Mamavation 2 week challenge with Bob Harper. I also found out that the Fox News channel on my Roku box had live streaming of the debate.

 Wednesday was the first Wednesday that I didn't have my early morning Anatomy lab. Isaiah and I celebrated by making more messes and lounging around. His favorite position? Laying lengthwise on my leg.

Thursday, I found an app that puts "ghosts" in your pictures. 

 Yesterday, Isaiah had a field trip to a pumpkin patch/farm. He went to bed at 7:15pm. When I came up to bed, I realized he had obviously wanted a drink but didn't come down to get one. Instead, he used his toy bucket.

Today we went to JoAnn Fabrics for some craft supplies, you'll see tomorrow, and Walmart for Isaiah's costume and some food. We saw a lot of people we knew: my aunt, uncle, and their three boys, and a lady from church and her two boys. And, of course, since I worked at Walmart 3 years ago, we saw tons of people I used to work with.

Isaiah finally settled on a costume: Thomas the Train.
 And now we are off to mom and dad's house again. Have a good night!

19 October, 2012

Two Whole Hours

Isaiah's preschool had a field trip to a pumpkin patch/farm today. Normally I pick him up after class at 2:00, but they won't be back until around 4:00.

I'm sure he'll have a blast running around, petting animals that he probably hasn't seen before, riding a train, and picking a pumpkin. He already decided, this morning, that he only wanted a small pumpkin. Presumably because he already has a big one here.  

With him gone to the farm, that means I have two hours kid-free. Two whole hours. Alone. Nobody asking for a drink, a snack, or help fixing a toy that I've already fixed 7 times today. (Yeah, my fault for buying a Ninja Turtles van with doors that come off the hinges.)

I've been home for 10 minutes and I am already lost. I love the peace and quiet. I do. But I miss our afternoon snuggle-with-a-possibility-of-a-nap. And being here alone means I have no excuse not to do something productive. 

So with my two whole hours, I will not sit on my butt watching TV or reading a book (or writing a long blog post). Instead, I will make my house presentable to the public. I mean, I guess I should clean if I want people to come over tomorrow right? And by people, I mean my friend T, a 3 year old girl, and an almost 1 year old boy. It shall be fun. I swear.

By the way, does anyone have any craft ideas to make with the kids tomorrow?  

18 October, 2012

Mamatography: Week 41

Mamatography 2012
Mamatography: A 365 Day Photography Project. At least one picture per day of what you did that day.
 For about a week and a half, my knee has been aching/hurting every time I move it. I've been using my Arctic Ease wrap which is Awesome. I don't have to sit there with an ice pack on my knee, not able to move. I can wrap it up and still be able to walk around and take care of Isaiah and the house.

Disclaimer: I received the cold wrap for free as a part of a Mamavation 2 Week Challenge. I'm not being paid to tell you about it, it's just great and I wanted to tell you about it.
 Monday, Isaiah got a surprise from Mama. She got a replica of a semi used to haul Goodyear stuff from work. He loves it. It fits his hot wheel cars in the trailer. It's actually OEM Certified, which I think he'll be more excited about in the future. Last week she got him a Goodyear shirt and hat. His shirt says Awe(wingfoot)some. The truck has many movable/removable parts, so what you see here is missing some of the parts.
Little I and his new Goodyear truck.
 Later that night, Isaiah started getting tired and cranky. I sent him up to the bedroom for a time out/calm down time when he started hitting. I came up 5 minutes later and found him passed out wearing his glow necklace.
Had to take a picture before I took the glow necklace off him.
 Tuesday, we went over to my parents' house and B took pictures of us (with my Nikon) in the back yard.
One of the pictures that B took and I edited with Photoshop.
  Wednesday we had school. I had 2 exams, which left me exhausted. I did manage to find this when I went to my parents house between my last class and picking up Isaiah from Awana.

Thursday... To be honest, most of Thursday is a blur. We didn't really leave the house. We cleaned, played, cleaned some more, and took a nap. I love days off because of naps. I've been so tired lately, and even though a nap eats up 1.5-2 hours of my day, I need it.

My semi organized cabinet, a result of my cleaning.

 Little I had pinkeye at the end of last week. I was not a happy mommy. He also had a horrible night of sleep Friday night (maybe because of the pinkeye?)

Saturday I took Little I to the clinic and got him eye drops. Sorry I didn't take any pictures. It was a very hard day: It took 2 1/2 hours to get his prescription filled because of insurance, Isaiah was cranky because he was sick and tired of being in the cart. By the time we got home it was nap time, and after nap he was still cranky and clingy. I didn't get a single thing done.

I'm Back!

I finally got my laptop back from Best Buy. They ended up replacing the motherboard, top plate, and the AC adapter. It's so nice to have a full keyboard (no missing keys anymore) and a computer that is less than 10 years old!

I'll be working tonight to get up the Mamatography post, the Pinterest Sunday post, and probably another post that has been rolling around in my head.

And I have to write a paper for my English Comp II so this might be a long night.

13 October, 2012

Breaking the silence

I still don't have my computer back. *insert pouty face*

I won't be able to post my Mamatography post until I get it back because, ironically, I took more photos with my camera than my phone this week. Although you can totally check out the others who are doing it!

What I really wanted to talk about today is the fact that Isaiah has pinkeye. And it sucks. I feel like we are pretty sanitary. I really enforce handwashing and other things that are supposed to prevent this kind of thing from happening. I really love his daycare. They are so good at getting him fired up about learning and he has grown so much since he started there. But this is ridiculous. Handwashing should be an important part of their routine.

Of course, we had to miss my cousin's son's birthday party today. Isaiah was pretty beat up about it. 

 I don't think I'd be so fired up about it if it weren't such a severe case.

Taken last night somewhere in one of the 40 minute stretches of solid sleep he got.

Seriously! His eye is swollen and red. I took him to the stat care today, and the nurse practitioner said that if it gets any more severe, he might get sent to Children's. I forget what it's called when it gets that severe.. something cellulitis maybe.

I'm just tired of everything bad happening at once. A few good months and then BAM! Mamaw dies, my car starts trying to kill me, my computer craps out, and Isaiah is sick.

Sorry for being a Negative Nancy tonight.

I'll make it up to you when I get my computer back. Hopefully.

08 October, 2012

Taking a break.

I may have to take a short break from the blogging world this week. My laptop has stopped charging, so I'll be taking it to Best Buy today. Thankfully I had the foresight to get the 2 year warranty, including accidental and everything like that.

I'll try to blog from my phone or from school until I get it back. But, let's face it, I may not have time since I have 3 exams (1 is a midterm) this week. So, we'll see.

Maybe this is what I need to get me to study more and get an A on my exams instead of a B like last time.

Signing off while my computer still has 7 minutes of battery life left.

07 October, 2012

Pinterest Sunday

It has been a while since I did one of these. I found this project  (kind of) on Pinterest, via A Beautiful Mess

We've had the canvas painted for a while (you can see it here) and it has been sitting around until I found the perfect quote.