13 September, 2012

Monsters in the Bathroom

Okay so this is one thing I wasn't really prepared for this early. I certainly don't remember being afraid of monsters, especially at 3 years old.

Little I went to bed around 8:45pm, and as per usual, he was up to use the restroom at about 9:20pm. I'm still downstairs cleaning* and he suddenly starts yelling for me. So I run up the stairs thinking maybe he pooped and needs his butt wiped, but when I go in the bathroom the light is off and Little I is on the toilet pointing to a dark mass on the floor screaming, "Monster!!"

So I flip on the light. And there, in the middle of the bathroom floor, are Little I's pants. That he took off 5 seconds ago.

Then we have the following conversation:

Me: There's no monster, it was just your pants.
Him: My pants are the monster? (he's now scared of his pants..)
Me: No, there is no monster.
Him: Did you scare it away?
Me: No, there just aren't any monsters.
Him: There are monsters! [boy at preschool] said there are!
Me: Oh. Well there aren't any monsters in our house.
Him: Okay... 

But he still won't put his pants back on and is in bed in just his underwear.

I knew he couldn't have come up with it on his own. Although he does have an awesome imagination so I shouldn't be surprised.

And now it's time for me to go up to bed since I have my 7:45am class tomorrow morning.  Remind me why I signed up for the early lab?

*I wasn't really cleaning still. That only takes 5 minutes. I just tell him I'm still cleaning or he'll want me to come to bed right then.

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