28 September, 2012

Milestones and a bit of rambling

Okay, so I just realized that my 100th post was this past weekend. I totally missed it. I feel like I should celebrate because this is one of the first things that I started and didn't give up.

I mean, face it, I'm pretty good at starting things. I'm a wonderful starter. I just rarely finish anything. Just like the couple times I have started the Jillian's 30 Day Shred and made it through the first week and then stopped (speaking of that, I'm thinking I should start it again--and finish it this time). And the first couple times of potty training (and Here). Thank goodness I found the 3 Day Potty Training guide.

The point is, I have stuck by this blog since March of last year . That's the longest I've stuck with anything except work, parenting, my house, and school--you know, the things you kind of have to stick with. I'm really glad I reached this milestone and I'm going to continue on until I've reached 2, 3, heck, maybe even 5 years with this blog.

Another milestone: since when does my child not take a nap? I've given up forcing him to take one and he actually does well most days. If only he would do that well with daycare, life would be much simpler.

He also outgrew all of his 4t pants (in the length, not so much in the waist), his beloved cowboy boots that he wore every day this past winter/spring/summer, and is now in a size 11 1/2 shoe. I can't believe it! And he passed his vision exam at the pediatrician at his 3 year check up.

 Little I knows TONS of stuff too! He can count to 20 unassisted, match numbers, knows most of his ABC's, can match most of his letters, knows all of his colors, shapes, animals, vehicles, etc. He can draw circles and squares and triangles (though the triangles are misshapen most of the time) and is really big into telling stories now. He's particularly fond of telling a story about a cowboy who falls off his horse and has to walk through the desert.

I don't know when it happened, but my little toddler is becoming a big boy/preschooler before my very eyes.

We've both been passing a few milestones lately. We've had some hard times and some really great times. And I'm so glad and proud to have him as my son.

I should probably stop this before I start reminiscing about everything and get too teary eyed. End rambling post. :-)

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