19 August, 2012

Shaving Cream Paint: Pinterest Sunday

It's Pinterest Sunday! Each Sunday I post about a project, craft, food or anything else I've done with ideas from Pinterest.

This week it was all about shaving cream. My mom gave me a couple cans a while ago and I just came across a pin for different play uses. This comes from a list from The Artful Parent. This week we did a few different numbers on the list and plan to do more in the coming weeks. So far we have done #12 and #18. We got tons of pictures from the body art/bathtub art, but not so much from the mirror art, which took place with the body art.

The beginning.

After adding food coloring. Left one white.

The runway of plastic left over from painting.

Body painting

Starting to paint the bathtub.

When the colors started mixing together.

Smooshing the plate to get the rest of the shaving cream on the wall.

The finished product.

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