12 August, 2012

Berry Wash: Pinterest Sunday

It's Pinterest Sunday! I've done a few things from Pinterest this week, but the only one that is truly "complete" is this:
A method of washing your berries (and other things) so that they don't mold before you're ready to eat them, via  Food Lush.

Basically you make a 1:10 solution of vinegar to water, soak the berries (or whatever), rinse, and store until you're ready to eat them.

Soaking the grapes and strawberries.


Storing the strawberries

Storing the grapes
There really is no vinegary aftertaste, and, wouldn't ya know, this is the first time in forever that we finished the fruits the same week we bought them. However, they did last until Saturday (we bought them Tuesday) with no mold. I'll be doing this with all the fresh fruits we buy from now on!

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