29 July, 2012

Yogurt Dots: Pinterest Sunday

Another Sunday had rolled around and it's time to work on something from my Pinterest board.

Since it is the middle of summer, and it has been relatively hot lately, I decided to make frozen yogurt dots, found at One Good Thing by Jillee.

Another simple pin:

Take your yogurt; put it in a plastic baggie; snip off the corner; and put "dots" of yogurt over a nonstick pan. Then freeze for 2 hours.

This is where the impatience in me comes out. 2 hours to freeze little mounds of yogurt? Ugh!

I waited (not so) patiently and distracted myself by doing laundry.

Two hours later (give or take) out come the frozen yogurt dots:

Taste tester... ignore the massive amount of toys and stuff. :-)
Hmm... gotta think about this one

Two thumbs up!
My only complaint is that it may be too hot in my house for these--they began to melt shortly after removing them from the freezer.

Overall, Little I loved them and we will definitely make them again, or maybe in the form of a Popsicle.

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