05 February, 2012

Mamatography: Days 29-35

Mamatography 2012
Mamatography: A 365 Day Photography Project. At least one picture per day of what you did that day.

Yay! My birthday week! Just a brief overview: No picture on Sunday, oops. Took vacation from the 30th to the 1st, the police found my wallet so we went to the station to get it (and saw a firetruck parked in the UAkron parking deck 2 pictures of the firetruck to make up for Sunday) Oh, did I forget to mention that my purse was stolen in December? They got my phone, wallet, checkbook, and random purse items. I've been using an old phone and ordered a new one that was finally delivered on Friday. I got the Droid X2. Love it!
Anyway, Wednesday K and I went out to Hibachi Japan for my birthday while Little I was at AWANA.
Thursday was another nondescript day that required caffeine to get through.
Friday I got my phone. Yay!
And today went so very slowly. Again requiring caffeine. But at least I can take decent pictures with my phone now.
Teeth brushing.. and black eye.

So tired... (Excuse the mess)
First picture with my new phone. Still has a black eye.
Photo of my caffeine intake

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