13 January, 2012

Mamatography: Days 10-13

Mamatography 2012
Mamatography: A 365 Day Photography Project. At least one picture per day of what you did that day.

Tuesday, Little I and I were home sick. He was fine, really. Me? That's a whole other story. I was too sick to take any pictures. Sorry

Wednesday, I had class and work and my mom picked up Little I from daycare and he had AWANA. When I picked him up? He was pants-less. Apparently, the daycare hadn't had all three pair of pants in his diaper bag when my mom picked him up. Add that to the fact that the daycare had him in his training underwear and didn't tell my mom. So apparently at church, he didn't tell his teacher that he had to pee and wet his pants. Good thing it was the last warm-ish (45 degrees) day this week. We got home late, so this is the picture you get.

Little I and his baby.

Thursday, I had class and work again. From the moment I woke up, I just felt HORRIBLE. I made it from my first class at 7:45am to about 4:00pm at work before I just couldn't move without dizziness and nausea overwhelming me. (sorry if that's TMI) At that point, I sent my manager an email and booked it to my car. Picked up Little I and went home. Sorry, no pic for this day, it was just not happening and you don't want a picture of that. :-)

Today, I felt a lot better. I had class at 8:50. Luckily (sarcasm) the snow started last night, and it didn't look like the snow plows touched anything--even the main roads. The drive from my house to the daycare usually takes less than three minutes. Today? Ten minutes. Mostly because everyone was going five miles per hour. The drive from daycare to the school, which usually takes about five minutes, took about fifteen or twenty minutes. Then the professor didn't even show up after we waited for twenty-five minutes. So I had to drive again with the idiots on the road for no reason. I decided to skip MOPS (Mothers of PreSchoolers) because the roads were so bad. Eventually the city plowed the roads and Little I and I made the trek to my parents house. Then we came home and my friend J came over and watched "Fright Night" with me. (Have I ever mentioned that I hate scary movies?) And now it's bed time. Here's a our snow.

My road.

More of the snow.. I mean roads.

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