30 July, 2011

Well it's been ten days since my last post. And eleven days since my last workout.

Good news? My job is going pretty good. Oh, and I've lost another 4 pounds! :-) I think it is the heat and all the water I've been drinking. Which means it's probably more water weight and I will gain it back easily. :-(

Because of the heat, I moved the air conditioner from Little I's room to the living room to keep the downstairs cool (at least cooler than 84 degrees!) so he's been sleeping in my room. Now, that wouldn't really be that bad except that he is a very active sleeper. If I had a video camera with night vision, I'd take a video to show you. Last night, I woke up about 22 times because of him. I can't wait till it gets a little cooler!

Also, since my last post, my grandpa (Little I's PeePaw) went back into the hospital. His tumor had regrown and was blocking his esophagus which lead to him being dehydrated and malnourished. So he had a feeding tube put in (The kind that goes directly into the stomach through his abdomen, bypassing his esophagus). Since he's been able to get food and liquids into his body again,  he is getting stronger and has been started on a new round of chemo (I think it's different than the last time, I don't know). And he came home either yesterday or Thursday. I was at work, so I don't know exactly when... I seem to only find out about things when people find it convenient to tell me or I walk in on a conversation about it. I didn't even know that he got put back in the hospital until two days later.

Anyway, he's doing a lot better as far as I know. And Little I got to talk to him on the phone today.

Well, I have some cleaning/playing/studying for work to do. I have another post already started for tomorrow, or maybe later today if I have time.

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