12 July, 2011

Potty Learning, Day 1

So. Today officially marks day 1 of mine and Little I's potty learning adventure. If you've been following, you've seen the beginning efforts but that failed miserably when he started refusing to use the toilet. Lately, I've stopped the "training" and started to really just listen to his cues.

Today, Little I saw a pair of his underwear in his dresser and REALLY wanted to wear them.

Yes, they match his shirt.

Of course I let him and so far we've only had one accident. I don't think he likes having to go all the way upstairs (interrupting his playtime) to go change, so hopefully this will be the start of the end of our time in diapers.

Who knows, though. this afternoon may come and he could want nothing to do with the potty or underwear. :-/ I guess it's a wait and see. :-)

More updates will (hopefully) follow tonight.

UPDATE: Okay, so this morning was a fluke. Let's just say that by the end of today, I was very glad that I have a carpet cleaner. :-/
I think there will be some more waiting for him to get ready, although if tomorrow he wants to wear underwear and go pee on the potty, that's fine by me.

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