03 July, 2011

For real? Boys play with dolls too!

So... after posting this picture on my Facebook:

This is one response I got:

Him: Did u want a daughter or something?

Me: What? No, why?

Him: Y do u have ur son playing wit dolls?
         He's a boy?

Me: Well, for one, he can play with whatever he wants to. Second, I'm house sitting for my parents, so we have the toys I brought and my little sister's toys.

Him: Ok whatever you say its ur child

Me: That's right.

And this is why I HATE stereotypes and double standards. Why is it wrong for a boy to play with dolls, and yet girls can play with cars and trucks and just about everything stereotypically labeled as a "boy" type of toy?

This is why I let Little I play with anything he wants to; from dolls and everyone's shoes--he especially loves heels--to trucks and cars and little plastic power tools. I want to raise my son to think for himself, not to let society do his thinking for him. Of course, I'm not going to go as far as to keep my son's gender a secret, but I'm not going to get mad if he wants to do "girly" things.

I love my son just the way he is--dolls and all.

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