22 June, 2011

Woo-hoo, Take Four!

Another short post, but it's okay. Mostly because...

I GOT THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, thanks for everyone who was praying, sending good vibes, etc. This is really exciting! I've already had my budget in place for a year, and now I'll have a little room to breathe.

And I can't stop thinking of all the things I want to buy for Little I!

  1. A swing set/climber.
  2. A real pool... not like his little wader pool. 
  3. Lots and lots of clothes and shoes.
  4. Tons of books
  5. And even though he doesn't really need them... more toys.
Oh, and stuff for me/the house:

  1. Stuff to hook up the dishwasher, 
  2. Some kind of rubberized flooring stuff for the basement to make it a play area
  3. A mower.
  4. A gate for both porches (or possibly convince my dad to build them if I buy the supplies.)
  5. A new dining room table... since Little I sliced the laminate down the middle.
  6. A storage unit/some shelves to store Little I's toys in.
  7. Possibly a better computer for school (and/or Microsoft Office 2010)
  8. Stuff for my car.

I know these things won't come right away (or even in a few months) but it's something to dream about for after all my debt is paid off and I've started saving. I want to have at least $2,000 saved before I buy anything outrageous...although Little I's swing set/climber can't wait very long,
or it will be too late to play with it.

Oh, and lastly, I can finally start tithing on a regular basis! That's something I'm really excited about.

Ah, now I can finally start to relax about stuff. To start: I'm going to sit down on the couch and watch my recorded shows (Covert Affairs and MasterChef)

Night, all!

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