10 April, 2011

Counting Down the Days

This semester at school is almost over. I have three full weeks left, plus exam week.

So here's the rundown:
12 classes of English Composition left.
9 classes of Intro to Psychology left.
6 classes each of Nutrition Fundamentals and Public Speaking left.

This means:
I have 1 portfolio for English (includes: 3 revised papers, a reflective letter, and a letter of consideration)
1 homework set, 1 exam, and my final exam for Psychology
Last half of my project and my final exam for Nutrition Fundamentals
2 speeches and a final exam for Public Speaking

It seems like it is going really fast, but I'm really starting to stress out right now! It's the final days of the semester and I'm really nervous about my grades and getting everything done.


Playing in Fires Creek in North Carolina

Four weeks left of everything school related means that I'm *this close* to summer break with Little I.The summer holds so much fun: playing at the park, playing in the water everywhere, camping, and everything else we love doing outside. Oh, and Little I's birthday in June! (And many other people's birthday, but I won't list them) I really can't wait!

So... Tomorrow begins the countdown till summer. Only 15 days of school left!!

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