20 March, 2011

I admit it: I have a problem with commitment. I seriously intended to write every day, or at the very least every other day. Instead I've been putting it off--rolling ideas around in my head until they no longer sound good.
Can't you just tell he didn't feel good?

The past two weeks, Little I has been sick.  It started off just as a cough and runny nose, and I thought, "Great, he caught another cold at daycare." But no. Friday morning, he woke up with a low-grade fever, and by 11 o'clock that morning, it was a full blown fever of 104 degrees!

Little I feeling cuddly after a nap
And so I've been home with him since then. He's whiny, and sleepy, and wants to nurse constantly, and he's just plain sick. But the plus side is that when he's sick, he sleeps A LOT. Like All day. So I've had a chance to think and write and do homework and clean the house. And then today (Sunday, in case I don't actually post this today) he's feeling better and my house is back to being a wreck. But at least he's feeling better and I didn't catch it... yet. :-/

Uh-oh. Just heard a cup of milk hit the floor and splatter..Guess that means snack time is over (homemade yogurt and pineapple chunks, anyone?)

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