07 March, 2011

And So It Begins...

My first post. Who knew it would feel so scary to put my words out there for everyone to see!
I guess since this is my first post, I'll begin with telling a little about myself and Little I.

Me: I am a twenty-two year old single mom from Akron, Ohio. I am also a pre-nursing student at The University of Akron--although I still have four years left, so who knows where I'll eventually end up. I come from a very large (loud) family and I love it. They are very supportive, and are one of the main reasons Little I and I have made it this far.

I am what some would call "halfway crunchy". I believe in baby-led weaning and co-sleeping I attempt gentle discipline (although I do believe in "if/then" statements and consequences like time outs) and I recently discovered my love for cloth diapers and *gasp* cloth wipes.

Little I: Otherwise referred to as Little Man, Punk(in), Bugga, and probably many other things. He is your typical active little boy. Okay, probably more than the typical amount of "active", but if you know my family that's normal for us. He is a pretty picky eater (the only thing I know he'll like from one day to the next is booby milk, haha). He completely refuses most meat--the only ones he really likes are chicken (nuggets) and bacon... I know, so healthy. BUT-- He's big for his age; he was three feet tall and thirty-one pounds at 18 months old! He is constantly growing, both physically and mentally. He amazes me at everything he absorbs and how he reacts to everything around him. He loves The Backyardigans and watches it as much as I let him.

I don't think I'm perfect, or the perfect mom, but what I do works for us. So if you're interested, I guess it's time to start writing our adventures. Hope you enjoy the journey as much as we do.

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