11 December, 2017

Life in a Nutshell

     This semester is almost done. In a few days I'll take my final exams for the semester and it'll be over. At least for a little while. I have 4 semesters left until I'll be a nurse!

My grades right now, with three final exams left to take, are:
  • Comp: 99.54% (final grade)
  • Economics: 98.14%
  • Med Term: 96.79%
  • Ethics: 100%

     I can't believe how fast the end is coming after how long it has taken me to get here. I first went back to college in September of 2010! There have been plenty of false starts, retaking courses, and taking time off school to work full time. But I can finally see the end. Two years (!!!)

     Isaiah is also doing really well! He's nearing the middle of third grade and we just had his Christmas program last week. (He was a ham and couldn't help but dance... constantly)
      He has been growing like a weed, over 3/4" in two and a half months! And 3" in the last year. He's in the 99th percentile for height, and the 92nd percentile for weight. His ADHD is still well managed by his medication (Adderall XR 25mg for those wondering) and his dose has stayed the same even with his height and weight changing. This really makes me hopeful that one day he won't even need medicine.
     He finished his second season of flag football last month and now we're both taking a self-defense/karate type class offered at our church. We both love it!
     I guess that's about it for where we are in life right now, and I need to stop before I start rambling. I'll leave some pictures at the bottom, and I'll try to be back later this week now that my hectic life will calm down just a smidgen.
     So let me know, what type of posts do you want to see from me? I've re-started trying to lose the weight, and I'm also trying (trying) to get Isaiah to try and like new foods, and I'm also thinking of starting a new round of Mamatography--one picture every day--and post them weekly. I'm not sure if anyone else is still doing that, but if you are, feel free to link your post in the comments and if there's enough interest, maybe I'll start a Linky.
     Well there you have it. If I missed anything, I'm sure I'll mention it in another post.

13 December, 2016

Weigh-In and Chat

These last few weeks of school have been kicking my but! Today was my last final (!), although I do have a paper to finish writing and submit online. Isaiah has had his Christmas program and church stuff. And, a surprise to us, Shop With A Cop. Even though I intended to keep posting through these last 3 weeks, it just didn't happen.

I haven't gotten any feedback on here (comments), so I'm going to assume my audience is just me. Since I use MyFitnessPal to track my food, I'm going to stop posting the "What I've Been Eating" posts and stick with my weekly weigh-ins and a few other things.

Aside from school and Isaiah's school stuff, I've also been doing more Christmassy crafting (think wreaths, ornaments, and presents.) I'll be posting some of those coming up since I'll be officially done with this semester and off until mid-January.

Now, onto the weigh-in. There has been some fluctuation--thanks to stress and family stuff--but I've continued to drop. Here are my weigh-ins the past two weeks:

This was December 9th
This was December 2nd

25 November, 2016

Weekly Weigh In

I finally passed the 20 lb mark! 21.6 lbs lost. Here's to 30 lbs by Christmas? 2.8 lbs in a week.

22 November, 2016

What I've Been Eating 11/16-11/22

Breakfast: Halo Tangerine

Lunch: Walmart deli mozzarella sticks and General Tso's chicken, sweet tea with splenda

Dinner: Another part of the hectic mess that was Wednesday meant Isaiah ate, but I didn't.


Total Calories: 787 (not healthy, I know)

Breakfast: Medium banana, chocolate almond milk

Lunch: Giant Eagle GetGo Get Fit Chicken Sausage and egg on flatbread, berry blast protein smoothie

Dinner: McDonalds: mcdouble, sweet tea (large)

Snacks: chocolate almond milk

Total Calories: 1,410

Breakfast: French Vanilla Eight O'Clock coffee, Bailey's French Vanilla coffee creamer

Lunch: Breaded, baked pork chops (2) white gravy, mashed potatoes, iced tea with splenda

Dinner: Acorn Squash with butter


Total Calories: 1,296

Breakfast: Snacky mood, so goldfish crackers

Lunch:Buffalo chicken sandwich with hummus and shredded cheese on whole wheat. 1 cup chocolate almond milk. GoGo squeeze apple cinnamon


Snacks: Andes chocolate mint, praline, and peanut butter crackers

Total Calories: 1,142

Breakfast: Coffee (french vanilla with salted caramel chocolate creamer) Marathon/Bellstores, because Isaiah had a football thing at another church.

Lunch: Turkey breast, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato, broccoli/rice casserole, green beans, chocolate eclair (no bake)

Dinner: Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers General Tso's

Snacks: Pringles (cheddar cheese), Aldi very berry crunch granola with vanilla almond milk

Total Calories: 1,788

Breakfast: Coffee, granola, almond milk, and banana

Lunch: Healthy Choice steamers cajun style chicken and shrimp

Dinner: breaded, baked pork chop, mashed potatoes

Snacks:dark chocolate almonds, praline, carrot chips with hummus, and pringles

Total Calories: 1,996

Breakfast: Coffee with almond milk, andes mint, fruit strip;

Lunch:  Healthy Choice Cafe Steamers General Tso's

Dinner: papa johns (1) pepperoni pizza, garlic knots (2)

Snacks:peanut butter crackers, carrot chips with hummus

Total Calories: (1,991)

19 November, 2016

Weekly Weigh In

What, what??? Almost 20 lbs down! Okay, so 18.8 lbs down since start. 5 lbs since last Friday.
I'm not sure what happened (maybe the hair cut? lol) but I hope it continues.
Also, I know I'm posting a day late, but the picture is from yesterday.